Sumner Stone

Lab Lecture: The Early Roman Letter

We are in a sans serif age, and we trace it to the 19th century, but there was an earlier sans serif age from the sixth century BC to sometime in the 2nd century BC. This illustrated lecture will examine the letterforms from that time and trace the beginnings of serifs and the advent of thick and thin parts in Roman letterforms.

This talk is scheduled for Sunday, June 14 at 11:30am as part of the main Typographics conference schedule. You must register for the Typographics conference to attend.

About Sumner Stone

Lab Lecture: The Early Roman Letter

Sumner Stone is a type designer, type founder, author, and teacher. From 1984–1989 he was Director of Typography for Adobe Systems where he conceived and implemented Adobe’s typographic program including the Adobe Originals. In 1990 he founded Stone Type Foundry Inc., now located in Rumsey, California. The Foundry designs and produces new typefaces and creates custom designs for a diverse range of clients including Hallmark Cards, Stanford University, The San Francisco Public Library, Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, The Greenwood Press, Arion Press, and Full Belly Farm. His type designs include the popular ITC Stone Sans and the prize-winning ITC Bodoni. His most recent type designs are Davanti, Sator, and Popvlvs.

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